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Walking in…. Winter? A Global Warming Challenge

We live in New Hampshire, in the woods, by the lake.┬áIt’s December. Can you picture it?

Did you think of Robert Frost, walking by woods on that snowy evening?

Well, welcome to the 21st century, kids, ’cause there’s no blanket of snow here. The high today is forecast at 46 degrees; I don’t think it fell below freezing overnight. It has been raining steadily for the past 8 hours. It looks like a nice day in April out there. In fact, there have been only two days where there was any white at all on the ground so far this season.

So you can imagine we had to celebrate those two days! We took a recess from homeschooling on the first snow day and went for a long walk in the woods in the dark. It was still beautiful in the morning:

It also snowed this weekend, but with temperatures well above freezing it was gone by daylight. The weather has been weird everywhere I’ve lived for many years now. I remember normal winter weather, but if you’re younger than 27, you don’t even know what weather is supposed to be like. Still, it seems like everyone, everywhere, always is talking about the strangeness of the weather.

I’m tired of just talking.

Here’s my challenge for you: I just donated $8 to I plan to donate that much whenever I notice the weather doing anything weird. If we all did that, the climate change movement would be richer than the climate destruction movement. Maybe we’d still have a chance. So, next time you’re complaining about the weather, pull up your phone and toss in a kvetching tax. Maybe we can bring back winter……