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Homeschooling: Writing

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When we do writing on homeschooling days — we did tonight — the boy gets to choose the project.

  • He can choose to write on his own blog, Robin’s Peace Blog.
  • He can choose to do a project out of this marvelous book,  Rip the Page!: Adventures in Creative Writing, that I wanted for the longest time on her recommendation before actually winning a copy from Soulemama.
  • Or, he can choose to work on a story-writing project. Right now, he’s working on two long stories. One, The Power of Secretariat, was inspired by his love of horses. The other, The Spy Project, was inspired by reading, well….of course you can probably guess. Right:

Tonight he worked on the Spy Project, got bored with it (“Mom! I have writer’s block!”), and did Rip the Page, playing with small words he likes (pee, pow, zam all made the list).

Here’s a kid with serious writer’s block, man.


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