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The boy goes to regular public school, but his school isn’t very good. So we make up the difference at home. Yesterday I was home sick, doctor’s orders and everything, because I see patients and was running a fever, and the two are not compatible. But I wasn’t actually feeling that bad. The boy was home for the beginning of his Thanksgiving break. So between the two of us, we did a lot of homeschooling — maybe two weeks worth in a single day. Here’s what we did:

  • We did two hours worth of math. We practiced multiplication of fractions, and then I taught him division of fractions.
  • We played outside on the beach. He is trying to dig a “pleasure tunnel” which he imagines making so large that he and his best friend can sit inside of it and read. Please don’t tell me such beach digging is dangerous. I already know. The tunnel is not yet so large, and I’m hoping we can cross that bridge if we ever come to it. In the meantime, he dug, and he made me dig. Then he criticized my digging. I am neither fast enough nor skillful enough for my little foreman.
  • He read this book for an hour:

  • My husband taught him to play some guitar. He did a little Suzuki, and then my husband taught him how to do a “blues shuffle” on his little electric guitar. It might be called the “blues” but listening to them work on this while I stirred up a pan of lemon curd for Thanksgiving tarts made me smile so hard my face practically fell off.
  • We closed out the night cuddled up in bed, with me finishing reading him The Tin Woodman of Oz. I love the Oz books — they are exciting and magical, no one ever gets killed, and they are less sexist than anything¬† anyone’s writing now. You’ve got to like a Victorian fantasy world where the queen of the entire thing is a transgender teenaged girl. (No, I am absolutely not kidding. Her majesty Ozma of Oz is a boy named Tip who discovers as a tween that she is in fact a girl princess of a fairy kingdom. Anyone who tells you that we’ve made social progress hasn’t read any old books.) Robin was pleased to learn that neither the Tin Woodman nor the Tin Soldier had to marry poor Nimmee Amee, whom they had abandoned lovelorn years prior, because she had already happily married somebody else.


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