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Happiness Blogging Challenge

I’ve noticed that some of my favorite blogs are making me unhappy.

I read the inspiring posts, and see the gorgeous photographs, and feel like crap. When am I going to get the chance to visit Morocco, explore the neighborhood with my kid, make amazing meals, handmake all my presents with exquisite meaning, and fill up my own wonderful, creative blog?

Never, that’s when. (Especially if I keep wasting time reading these pretty blogs!)

So I’m setting myself a challenge. If I have time to undergo death-by-counterfactual every morning, I can make time for a piece of the alternate reality I’m mourning. So each day, before I check facebook, before I read my favorite blogs, I have to complete a blog post. If I don’t have time for creation, I don’t have time for consumption.

Want to join me? (Feel free to link up to your own blog challenge in comments, if you like.)